Fall with grace, get up with dignity. Yeah right…

yoga-bs-300x300As she rolled up her mat and headed for the door after a 90-minute yoga class I taught a couple of weeks ago, I assumed that would be it. Class over. Mission failed. No one would be back.

And then…”wow – that was awesome. I loved your class.” This from a daily yogi who rarely gives praise.

Huh? How could that be? It sucked. I was sure of it. An earlier sequence slip up, a groan from the back row as I called out another Crow pose, and dead silence from the room full of yogis save for the wave of Ujayi breath (at least I got that part right). It just didn’t feel like one of my stronger classes. I mean, I pride myself on never f***ing up a left side vs. right. And hell of all hells, midway through a hip opening set, a sea of left legs launched into the air when I actually meant right. “Right leg yogis!!” Big ole break in the flow. Class must have been a bust, right?

Wrong (or is it left? Grrr.) But here’s the thing. The longer I teach, the more I realize that, the class I’m teaching is not about me. It’s about them. My students. Who are human. And on some level, probably appreciate a mistake on my part every now and then just to assure them that yeah, I fuck up too sometimes.

And that’s part of the flow of life. Failing is part of the process of growth. How can I honestly encourage my students to fall, shake it off, get back up and be totally cool with it if I can’t do it myself? Even in the role of teacher?

I was thinking about this during a recent class when one of my teachers reminded us to “fall with grace, and get up with dignity.”

I’ll try to keep that in mind going forward – even if I inwardly curse should a left inadvertently turn into a right. It’s alright, Shannon. Right?

Or do I mean left…


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