3 ways to tell if your yoga instructor is supporting or ignoring you

3-Ways-to-Tell-If-Your-Yoga-Teacher-is-Supporting-or-Ignoring-You_A few areas to consider when choosing a yoga teacher. Read more of my latest post at: DoYouYoga


4 thoughts on “3 ways to tell if your yoga instructor is supporting or ignoring you

  1. Loved today’s post on do you yoga…of course when I try to LIKE it and it requires a password login, which is way too much se urity for a yoga blog haha, I just say fu k it and email you 🙂

    I’m on the plane no problems at all, very smooth.

    here we go, a week, hmmm, we never like this but we do what we mist. Love you wife.


    Greg gregorylweaver@gmail.com 267-400-0136

  2. Although I agree with the first point, I grow wary of point of view that we have to touch everyone. It is an intimate thing to touch and to have the goal of touching every student is a misplaced perspective. Respect of each student of where they are is a much more important quality of a refined teacher then having to touch or just students. If there is no reason to do so,don’t. The same thing goes for making people close their eyes. It is a vulnerable place for some and students should only do so if they are comfortable . As a teacher I observe my desire for students to close their eyes was more of my discomfort with eyes open. We can guide an experience but we can not and should never try to control someone’s experience.

    Please, ask you students for permission to touch and ask yourself why you are doing the touching.

    • Valid point Traci and giving students the option to opt out of being touched in discrete way at the beginning of class (I.e. “Raise an arm in child’s pose if you prefer to practice without assists” in the first child’s pose of practice) is a terrific way to communicate. Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

  3. I enjoyed this post on yoga. I have a couple of different yoga instructors, they are all great and call me by my first name. They listen to what I have to say and pay attention to me, as well as help me get into my yoga poses correctly.

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