cool discoveries found from pausing long enough to notice them

cool discoveries found from pausing long enough to notice them

“And pause here!”

This cue came out frequently in the yoga classes I taught. At first, it was a tool to keep my students from wriggling out of poses before discovering what was happening in their bodies, and heads. Jump out too soon, and miss it – the innate wisdom, honesty, discomfort, and strength – that can only be found if you’re willing to stay the hell put. For five more breaths. I also cued  ‘and pause here’ to give me time to really observe what was happening in the room, and guide the class based on that vs. what I had originally planned. Because life rarely goes as planned.

But why limit this process to a 71″ X 26″ mat on a creaky studio floor? I’m embarrassed to say that after closing Ohms I typically raced off to the nearest coffee shop whilst scrolling through texts/email/FB garbage without noticing a single thing unfolding in front of me. Cute pup zigzagging alongside his doting two-legged pal down the trail? Missed it. Friendly barista with the cool tattoo and patience of a Zen master? Missed his smile and “what can I getcha?” too. So this blog is an attempt to rectify my frenzied state. A platform to record what I notice. The posts you read here – should you choose to give me a precious moment of your valuable time – are collection of what I see, taste, smell, savor and gape at when I pause long enough to get it down in writing.

And pause here. I’ve learned a lot by pausing. Years of chasing perfection, ignoring my soul, running, cycling, and aerobicizing my way into a perpetually exhausted heap eventually took me to my knees. And thank God it did. The warm yoga studio I finally discovered wrapped me up in a much-needed midlife hug and led me toward a new, powerful way of being. Since moving to the east coast five years ago I’ve been on a fabulous, self-loving path with lots of stumbles in handstand along the way. Falling and getting back up on a regular basis is now part of my daily practice – both on the mat and off.

So feel free to pause, read, share, and draw your own inspiration from this blog.


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Washington State University – graduated cum laude


  • RYT 200-hour Hatha/Vinyasa, Frog Lotus International, North Adams, MA, 2012
  • Baptiste Level One Teacher Training, Menla Mountain Catskills, NY, 2013
  • Baptiste Art of Assisting, Sid Yoga Center, Towson, MD, 2013
  • Baptiste Level Two Teacher Training, Sedona, AZ, 2014

Additionally, trained with and been influenced by the teachings of:

  • Claire Este-McDonald & Gregor Singleton at Baptiste Studios Boston/Cambridge
  • Dana Flynn at Laughing Lotus Center NYC
  • Naime Jezzeny at Dig Yoga Lambertville, NJ
  • Dharma Mittra at Dharma Mittra Center NYC
  • Workshops with Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, and Janet Stone




6 thoughts on “About

  1. “There is hope for hyperactive souls like me (read 2nd grade report card comment: “she has ants in her pants”), and perhaps you too. Yoga of course. It’s where mellow mind magic is found.”

    A friend once said to me, “You need to be pushed down by the shoulders, sink you in a chair to only be still for a moment”… it’s a work in progress… but yes, yoga is where mellow mind magic is found. Namaste! =)

  2. Hi Shannon! I’m reaching out to you because of your involvement with the yoga community- I’d love to speak with you more! Please email me when you have a chance, thanks!

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